Filippa K was founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson, pioneering the now-iconic look of Scandinavian minimalism. She saw a need for simple, well-made garments that answer to the real experiences of daily life while balancing style and comfort in equal measure. Her vision of an uncomplicated, desirable and sustainable wardrobe is as relevant today as it was when she started the brand at her kitchen table in the 90s. The label’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories continue to redefine classic through a progressive lens with thoughtful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

“We interpret fashion into wearable, aesthetically-balanced pieces that stand the test of time.” Filippa Knutsson

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The mission at Filippa K is to drive a movement of mindful consumption. Their teams work hard across all departments to create products and a community that is committed to slowing down the industry perspective from fast fashion to a slower, more permanent approach. They do this through encouraging new ideas and innovation in the world of sustainability.

Today Filippa K is sold in 20 countries, has 40 brand stores in Europe and USA, and is represented by more than 750 selected retailers worldwide. Filippa K head office is located in Stockholm.