General Terms & Conditions

Only those over 18 years of age may enter into a sales contract with Store Fico(Sunhen AB swedish registration number 556681-6277).
Those under 18 years of age must have permission from a parent or guardian before placing an order.

A contract between Sunhen AB and the customer will be established upon you actively agreeing to these terms and conditions at checkout and clicking ‘Place Order’. Our contract with you, the customer, will be in English.

Prices include VAT.
The amount is calculated according to the rate of VAT in the region where the order is to be delivered.

We reserve the right to retroactively correct any obvious and unmistakable pricing errors. If you disagree with a pricing correction, you may cancel your order without incurring any charges. We also reserve the right to annul an order in cases such as technical errors or when an item is no longer in stock.

If you wish to amend an order that has already been placed, this is only possible up to the point when the order has been dispatched from our warehouse.

All items remain the sole property of Sunhen AB until full payment has been received.

Sunhen AB reserves the right to annul an order in cases of suspected fraud.

For unclaimed packages, we need to charge a handling fee of SEK 300 for the unclaimed shipment. This amount will be drawn from your return payment.


The cost of each delivery method is shown at checkout. Please note that delivery charges may vary between regions.

We only deliver to selected countries within the EU(Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Polen, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Åland Islands, 

On rare occasions, an item in your order may not be in stock and thus placed on back order. If we are unable to dispatch your order in a timely manner, you reserve the right to cancel your order without incurring any charges.

If your package is damaged in transit, this should be reported to the delivery firm immediately, after which you should contact our customer service team. If an order is lost during transit, this must be reported to us within a reasonable timeframe (1 month).

Confirmation of your order from Sunhen AB will be sent to the e-mail address provided at checkout.

Delivery Methods:

We currently offer two delivery methods: DHL Service Point(Sweden) and DHL Parcel Connect(EU).

Collection notices will be sent in one of the following ways, depending on whether you have provided us with your correct mobile phone number:

Text message and e-mail updates: You will be notified by text message and/or e-mail that your order is ready for collection on the same day it arrives at the collection point.

Postal updates: If you have not provided a mobile phone number, a notice will be sent to your home indicating that your order is ready for collection.  Bring this notice, along with a valid form of ID for your region, to the collection point to take delivery of your order.

A valid form of ID must be shown in order to collect your package. If you are not the addressee but wish to collect a package on their behalf, please see the information provided by your local postal office.

In those cases where an item is unavailable or your delivery will be delayed, we will notify you via e-mail.

If you are not satisfied with the amended delivery estimate, you reserve the right to cancel your order without incurring any charges. We are unable to provide any form of compensation for delayed or unavailable items.


Sunhen AB does not charge any additional fees for placing an order with us, neither will we demand any extra fees after your order has been placed. Consequently, the amount you need to pay will always be the same as the total amount stipulated at checkout, above the ‘Place Order’ button.

This sum includes the price of the item(s) in your order, VAT, and any delivery charges.

Sunhen AB offers Klarna Checkout as a secure payment option for private customers.

Klarna Checkout presents specific information about you as soon as your identity is verified. The information that must be entered to verify your identity can vary depending on the purchase, market and customer. Once your identity is verified, Klarna Checkout shows all the payment options that are available to you. Available payment options may vary from time to time.

Sunhen AB are not responsible for any additional fees that may apply to your order when you complete your purchase through Klarna.
No immediate credit check is made when you use Klarna Checkout, but credit checks may be made, if necessary, depending on the payment option you have chosen. Credit checks performed by Klarna do not affect your credit rating and cannot be seen by other parties who request access to your credit information, for example, banks.

Read the Terms and Conditions for Klarna Checkout here

If you have any questions regarding payment, you should contact Klarna directly.

Sunhen AB is unable to answer questions about your payment after your purchase is confirmed, all payment questions are handled by Klarna.

You can reach Klarna customer service here

Through Klarna, we also accept Swish

Your Right to Cancel

You have the right to return or exchange your items for any reason, provided you notify Sunhen AB within 14 days of delivery.

If the fourteenth day occurs at the weekend or coincides with a national holiday, the return period will be extended until the next working day.

If the returned items show signs of having been handled more than what could be deemed strictly necessary to assess their form and function, the customer is liable for any decrease in the item’s value. The amount of such a decrease will be determined by Sunhen AB.

Your right to cancel is dependent on the items being returned to us together with their original packaging and labels. You have the right to assess the items you receive, but this right will be compromised if any seals have been broken or labels removed.

For hygiene reasons the right to cancel does not apply to underwear or perfumes.

In cases where the returned item is missing its case, packaging, instruction manual or certificate of authenticity, Sunhen AB reserves the right to reject the return request.

Items delivered directly to the home should be returned in the same way as all other delivery methods.

The quickest way to exchange an item is to return the original item and place a new order.

Returns: You may return your items to Sunhen AB for a full refund within 14 days. The 14-day period begins from the date you take delivery of your order.

In cases where the wrong item has been delivered, you may choose between a replacement item or a full refund.

All returned items should be carefully packaged so as to avoid damage during transit.

Please clearly mark the goods as RETURN on any customs paperwork and declare the correct value of goods. Goods not marked this way or declared at zero value may be subject to delays or import duties.

Sunhen AB is not responsible for shipping costs that may incur regarding the return of a product. Please note that Sunhen AB will not refund additional duties, taxes, or any additional charges, that may incur.

Returning items to Sunhen AB is undertaken at the customer’s own risk.

Faulty items: If you wish to return an item due to damage or production faults, we will assess each item manually and, in some cases, may ask you to send the item to us for inspection. The standard period in which you can make a claim for a faulty item is three (3) years. Any fault should be reported to us within a reasonable timeframe, that is to say as soon as it is discovered or can reasonably be expected to have been discovered. This is understood as being within one (1) month of the fault being found.

Faults discovered within six months of delivery are to be considered as production errors unless proved otherwise. If the fault is discovered after more than six months, the burden of proof is on the customer to show that the fault is not the result of normal wear/usage.

In the first instance, we will attempt to repair the fault. If this is not possible, we will provide you with a replacement product, on condition that the reported fault has been confirmed by us.

If it is not possible for us to provide you with a similar product, you reserve the right to demand a full refund.

Under normal circumstances, refunds will be credited to your account within 14 working days of us having received and accepted your return request. Refunds may only be credited to the same account and payment method used at the time of purchase.

Return address:
Drottninggatan 18
80320 Gävle

Contact details for returns and refunds:
Telephone: +46 26108050 (Mon-Fri 09:30-18:00 CET/CEST). International rates apply, please check with your operator before calling or instead use the above e-mail address.

Product Range

Sunhen AB makes reservation for changes to our product range and reserves the right to remove a product from sale before a purchase has been completed. We also make reservation for items that are out of stock.

Delivery restrictions may apply for certain items, such as flammable liquids (perfume).

The delivery methods we are able to offer is dependent on the items in your basket.

The available delivery methods are shown at checkout after you have provided information on your region and town/postal code.

Sunhen AB makes reservation for any misprints on our website.

We are unable to guarantee that all images provided accurately represent the appearance of the product.

Sunhen AB reserves the right to adjust its prices and correct any pricing errors.

Force majeure

Sunhen AB is not liable for any failure to fulfill any part of this agreement if the failure is due to circumstances beyond our control.

Examples of what is considered a Force Majeure include, but are not limited to, action or inaction by a government authority, newly implemented or amended laws, industrial disputes, blockades, fires, floods, sabotage, major accidents, and natural disasters.

The definition of Force Majeure also includes decisions taken by authorities that negatively impact the market or product itself, such as restrictions on indications, warning labels, prohibited items, etc. as well as abnormal market conditions, or if the company’s normal operations have been affected by criminal activity.

Dispute Resolution

Complaints or comments regarding Sunhen AB’s products or services should be made to our customer service team by e-mailing or calling +46 26108050 (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 CET/CEST, intl. rates apply).

If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your case, please contact your national consumer protection authority.

Fair Use of Our Services

In those cases where an anomalous and unacceptable shopping behaviour has been identified, we will, on a case-by-case basis, evaluate whether the customer in question should be barred from placing any further orders with us.

Such behaviour may include the return of items that show clear signs of use or that do not correspond to the items originally delivered to the customer.

If a customer places an unusually high number of orders, of which a disproportionately large percentage are return, the customer may be barred from placing any further orders.

If you have been affected by this policy and believe that we have made an unfair decision, please contact us to discuss the matter further.

In cases where Sunhen AB has reason to suspect wrongdoing or fraudulent activity in connection with a particular order, the order will be cancelled with reference to the present fair-use policy.

Suspicious activity will be investigated in an objective and non-discriminatory manner and may include such acts as failure to collect orders, unfounded claims of dispatch errors by Sunhen AB or our partners, particular item combinations, or anomalous behaviour when receiving or returning an order.