Fico, the fashion outpost in the northern parts of Sweden.

The independent company was founded as a retail store in Gävle 2005 by Åsa Sundell and Johan Henriksson. With an idea to present high quality fashion from strong creative brands in the high end segment.

To create a Fico style that contains both classic pieces with small delicate details and progressive bold pieces that challenge the standards. Always with quality and sustainability top of mind. The ever changing curated assortment consists of Scandinavian fashion brands as corner stones, for example: Acne Studios, By Malene Birger, Eytys, Filippa K, Hope, Our Legacy and Rodebjer.

Fico has always stood up for sustainable fashion and adores good qualities that are produced in an ethical way. In a consumption driven world it´s important that everyone value and care for the purchases they make, so that our planets resources will last. So Fico are educating all customers about how they should take care of the pieces they have bought and fallen in love with.

With scents and books from around the world and vinyl records from a local record company we then fulfill more of the senses. The goal is to give a full experience of the things that we love.