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Meet Blankens!

The one-stop-shop shoe and bag brand for all daytime power players and nighttime party slayers. Their products are not only a shortcut to an elevated style – they are also manufactured responsibly. Wear them with pride!

Blankens is an independent company, for women by women. They are dedicated to creating shoes and leather products to complement the wardrobe of women everywhere. Their conviction is that the materials, the comfort and how the products are made is equally important as how they look. Blankens stand firm in their belief that good design should be affordable. They offer everything from walkable boots and flats , to heels and summer sandals. Their products are classic, but never boring.

Just addd Blankens for an instant style guarantee – for all occasions and any time of the day.

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Blankens products are hand made by skilled craftsmen and women in our factories in northern Portugal. Their materials are carefully sourced in Europe to ensure the highest quality with the least environmental impacts.


Blankens believe that it is cool to be kind. Their community is a supportive space for all women to feel inspired to experiment and play with their own personal style.