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Founded in 2013, Ahlvar Gallery updates the iconic silk blouse for the urban woman. Combining fluid, everyday silk styles with traditional classics and statement pieces. Swedish designer and founder Frida Ahlvarsson seeks to redefine the notion of timeless dressing.

Frida’s passion for design started when she was 11 years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis. The diagnosis made it difficult for her to live like an average child when wearing a 2cm thick plastic corset 20 hours a day. Her mum told her to wish for something that could keep her busy during the days, and that’s when she got her first sewing machine. In the summer of 1995, Frida sewed 60 stuffed animals, and her mother had to run to the fabric store every second day to embrace her new hobby. Every person received a stuffed animal for birthday parties, Christmas gifts, or friends and family dropped by her home.

One year later, Frida started high school, and her interests changed from sewing stuffed animals to creating garments that she couldn’t find nor afford. That is how it all started – from truly tough news to the beginning of her lifelong passion. Today, the company has had organic growth for nearly ten years and is found at more than 120 resellers. Ahlvar Gallery prides itself on its unique approach to making clothes, putting fit and timeless design first and never compromising on quality. “Fridas biggest goal for her design is to give the wearer a little better confidence when wearing an Ahlvar Gallery piece. No matter if she is attending an important meeting, going out for dinner with friends, or meeting family – She wants her design to feel like the obvious choice.

Ahlvar Gallery is 100% owned by women, and there are three women running the brand: When asked Frida what her goals are for the coming years, she stated, “I have no vision of creating a big fashion house. My passion is to create clothes that ease everyday life for women so that they can put their time into more important matters than what to wear every morning. The greatest compliment I can receive is when a customer says, ‘I wear this piece every day; what more colors is it made in?’. Then I feel like I have succeeded.”