A.Kjaerbede is a Copenhagen based sunglass-brand, that unites quality, design and affordability.

The brand was established in 2017 by designer Adam Geertsen and founded with a strong focus on fashion, trends and simplicity. Adam was convinced that he could make exclusive shades in the highest quality to a fraction of the price that the current market then offered, as long as he could find the right producer to team up with.

With many years of experience from the fashion industry, Adam knew that the quality of the product was crucial for the brands success. So, with a lot of research, a great business plan, a lot of creativity and perfect timing, Adam succeeded to team up with one of the worlds best producers of shades. A producer that also produces sunglasses for some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, like for example Tom Ford and Zegna.


With Adams effortless and on-point designs, the extremely high quality and the amazing price, the success was imminent. So, after just 3 years, A.K was sold at over 500 retailers around Europe. And now 7 years later A.Kjaerbede has opened it’s first flagship store in Copenhagen and is present in over 30 different markets with over 2500 retailers world wide.

Every collection is designed in Copenhagen and has roots in the Scandinavian culture and minimalism. The designs are inspired by different aspects of life that leaves a mark and holds impressions from photography, architecture, art, design and people – conveyed in different ways