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Guppi Friend sat out on a mission to stop microplastics from ending up in our environment.

The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is the first step. It makes the microplastic problem visible, communicates it, and makes it tangible for every household. It is an easy to use and pragmatic solution, allowing everyone to do their bit to protect nature.
Based on our own research and development experience, and through scientific findings from our cooperation with universities, research groups, industry partners, and independent laboratories, we develop ideas, initial prototypes, and – in the best cases – effective solutions against microplastic pollution.

With the profits from the sale of the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bags, we supported the STOP! Plastic Academy of the non-profit organization STOP! Micro Waste gUG. With the STOP! Plastik Academy, workshops are held for educational institutions to raise awareness about (micro)plastic pollution. To this day, GUPPYFRIEND supports events and activities of STOP! Micro Waste gUG.

GUPPYFRIEND is part of LANGBRETT. At LANGBRETT, we produce fair, local, and holistically sustainable clothing and footwear without any compromises. We avoid plastic and chemicals, use natural materials as well as chrome-free leather and develop microplastic-free alternatives. We only produce as much as we sell in a circular production: Old shoes become new ones. We have been producing this way even before it was called circular economy.